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Benefits of JuanHand Loan App in the Philippines

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«Juanhand loan app» - Loan company summary:

Loan amount
2000 - 12000 PHP
Interest rate (per day)
Payment terms
14 - 90 days
Application processing time
24 hours
Borrower age
20-60 years
Required documents
Driver’s license or ID
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In this article, we will discuss the benefits of the JuanHand loan app in the Philippines. This fintech platform provides loans for all Filipinos. It is also a fast loan disbursement option. In addition, JuanHand has lower interest rates compared to other online lenders. This means that you can get the funding that you need in a single source. It is available for both short-term and long-term needs, such as personal and medical needs, and tuition fees.

JuanHand is a fintech platform in the Philippines

The JuanHand cash fast loan in 15 minutes in Philippines calculator provides the borrower with the approximate monthly payment of the borrowed amount and helps the borrower determine his or her ability to pay the money back. This tool is particularly helpful for people who do not possess a bank account or a credit card. JuanHand aims to improve financial inclusion in the Philippines, where many people are unable to access credit or savings accounts because of low income, poor financial literacy, or inaccessibility to financial services.

JuanHand is a fintech platform aimed at Filipinos. It provides legitimate loans and guarantees complete confidentiality of the information it shares with its clients. It is available through Apple App Store, Google Play, and Huawei App Gallery. JuanHand is a fintech platform in the Philippines that was founded in June 2019. It is part of the WeFund Lending Corp., a Chinese fintech firm. To avail of Juanhand loans, borrowers only need a mobile phone with internet access and a GSave account. The process is fully automated. There is no need to go through intermediaries or a bank’s website.

The JuanHand platform offers instant cash advances online, with no credit check. It also offers personal protection equipment, such as N95s, to Filipino customers. As the Philippines’ first fintech platform, JuanHand is poised to make a positive impact on financial wellbeing. With the government’s COVID-19 situation, many Filipinos are seeking additional means of income to make ends meet.

Another positive feature of JuanHand is its speed. The application process for a loan can take anywhere from one to two weeks. Moreover, the loan offers low interest rates (an annual percentage of 20% or less). With a loan of Php50,000, JuanHand provides a single-source solution for funding. The company offers loans for short-term and long-term needs ranging from personal needs to tuition fees.

The online service is simple to use. Juanhand allows users to borrow PHP 50,000 in less than three minutes. Juanhand users are prompted to fill out a profile and provide their mobile number. Then, they must verify their details and complete a payment plan. Once approved, they can pay the loan in as little as three minutes. And if they need to repay the loan, all they need to do is click the “Repay” button in the app.

It is available to all Filipinos

The JuanHand loan app is available for all Filipinos and offers three ways to receive the loan amount. After registering, you will be asked to give consent for JuanHand to handle your personal information and access your credit rating. You can also add a Philippine bank account and submit documents such as your ID. Once verified, you will receive a copy of the loan agreement. Depending on the lender, you can receive the loan amount within a few hours or days.

While some people may have a regular income, many do not. While optimism is a powerful force, it will not feed a family or set the country on the road to economic recovery. To combat this, JuanHand has made its mobile application accessible to everyone, regardless of gender. The company makes its money transparent and easy to use, and the process is fast and easy. Its mission is to make financial literacy available to every Filipino.

To apply for a loan, you must download the JuanHand app. Sign up for a free account. Then, provide basic personal information, such as your name and phone number. Then, submit a picture of yourself for research purposes. If you meet all the requirements, your loan will be approved within minutes. The loan will be available on your bank card the same day. Afterward, you must pay back the loan amount in full within a day.

The JuanHand loan app is available to all Filipinos and is available to all borrowers nationwide. The company is part of the Philippine FinTech Association and operates legally. They plan to become the leading financial service provider in the country. The JuanHand loan app has already helped Filipinos in need more than once in 2019 and will continue to do so through the years to come. JuanHand donated medical supplies to health workers in the early months of the health crisis and provided charitable assistance to victims of typhoons. It also distributed N95 masks to police stations and hospitals.

The JuanHand loan app is available in both Apple and Google Playstore. To apply, you will need to download the app, enter your mobile phone number, and confirm your account details. Once the app is downloaded, you will need to agree to the terms and conditions and confirm your password to gain full access to the app. Once you are approved, JuanHand will send you a message that will prompt you to complete the loan application process.

It offers fast disbursement

Aside from security controls and regulatory compliance, a business that offers fast disbursement benefits customers with fast access to funds. In fact, 82 percent of consumers say they would prefer to do business with a business that offers fast disbursement. In addition, businesses can now make payments to more people and companies, enabling them to enter new markets more quickly and expand their coverage. It is also important for businesses to look for a disbursement solution that supports multiple currencies and countries.

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Thanks for the quick decision on my loan. Now I can count on timely payment of bills and avoid penalty payments.

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I use this service often. I like the convenience and speed of applying for a loan online. 24/7 support is always available to help you solve your problems.

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I don't have a permanent job. Therefore, I cannot get a loan from the bank, I have to get out. Very useful and in normal conditions.

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