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«Digido Loan App» - Loan company summary:

Loan amount
1000 - 10000 PHP
Interest rate (per day)
Payment terms
7 - 180 days
Application processing time
1 working day
Borrower age
21-70 years
Required documents
Driver’s license or ID
Other conditions
For all Filipinos
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Before you apply for a loan, you should read the terms of service and give permission for Digido to access your credit rating and handle your private data. You can apply online by filling out a short registration form, adding your banking card, following the instructions, and confirming your identity. Once you have submitted your application, you will be sent an email confirming that you are who you say you are. After that, you will have to wait for a decision and a credit contract is entered into between you and the lender.

Information about Digido

Before you apply for a Digido loan app, be sure to read about the requirements and other details that you will need to provide. It is essential to be of legal age and have made all your previous credit payments on time. You must also indicate more information, such as your work phone number and the contact number of a loved one. The loan is 0% APR for the first loan, and you will pay corresponding interest based on the loan amount and terms. There are several ways to pay off your loan, including direct deposit or bank transfer.

You must be a Filipino citizen between the age of twenty and fifty-five, have a valid government ID, a mobile number and an active social media account. You must also be at least twenty-one years old, a Filipino citizen, and have a bank account in the Philippines. To borrow money with Digido, you can have up to one thousand pesos with an APR of 145 percent.

After filling out the application form, you should log in to your internet banking account. Once you’ve done so, select “Pay Bills” from your GCash account. Enter the details required, including your bank account number and verify that your personal details are accurate. Once you’ve approved, you will receive your money within 10 minutes. You have the choice of several repayment options, such as installments or full repayment.

The Digido loan app is the best way to borrow money if you have bad credit. Its fast approval and minimal documentation process make it a great choice for those with poor credit. The loan is a convenient and easy way to pay off a bill, but be aware that instant loan approvals can lead to debt. Always be sure to provide accurate information to avoid falling into debt. Falsifying information could lead to a poor credit history, which is why it’s important to be truthful.

Interest rates

Digido, a Philippine startup that provides loans, has launched an Android mobile application. The company plans to prepare apps for iPhones and HUAWEI phones soon. The goal is to make the service accessible and comfortable for Filipinos everywhere. The app gives instant access to loan details, including interest rates and repayment terms. It also allows customers to apply for a loan in as little as five minutes, which is great for people who need money urgently. In addition, the Digido loan app is available on weekends and holidays, making it even easier to access the money you need to meet your needs.

Digido is a legitimate, SEC registered online lender in the Philippines. Their loan application and approval processes are fast, easy, and confidential. They offer loans of various amounts with flexible repayment terms and can even accept pay slips, income tax returns, and company ID. Customers can apply for a loan through the app or the website, and pay it back within a set period of time at agreed-up interest rates.

When looking for a loan, most applicants consider the interest rates for the loan. A lower interest rate is a plus when choosing between different loans. When it comes to personal loans, you should choose those that provide the lowest rates. This way, you can pay off the loan with a lower interest rate than you would have with a traditional bank. This way, you’ll save money while getting your money quickly and easily.

Aside from interest rates, Digido loan app Philippines offers five payment methods. To pay off your loan, you must log into GCash and select “Pay Bills.” Once you have verified that you have enough funds, simply confirm the payment. Lastly, Digido offers several repayment options, including a bank card payment. You can choose to pay back the loan in as little as 61 days. You’ll receive the details of the loan in your email account.

Maximum credit amount

As of the writing of this article, the maximum credit amount on the Digido loan app Philippines is PHP 25,000. However, this may increase if you apply for a loan more often. For first-time customers, the credit limit is PHP 10,000. After submitting your application, the Digido app will transfer the money to your bank account. You can request for an extension of your loan, if needed, or you may close down a portion of your loan. You may pay interest on the amount you owe in the form of monthly payments if you default on your loan.

You should be aware that the maximum credit amount on Digido loan app Philippines may vary from one lender to the next. You should always check the terms and conditions carefully before applying. You will need to grant permission to the service to handle your personal information and access your credit rating. You should also complete the registration form and add your banking card. Next, you should verify your identity and wait for the decision. You may want to read through the fine print and terms before applying for a loan.

You must be a Filipino citizen aged twenty years or older to avail of a Cash Loan. To qualify for this loan, you should have a valid government ID, active social media account, and a mobile number. In addition to these requirements, you must also be a Filipino citizen aged 20 to 55. You must also have a current, active mobile number and an active email address. Once you are approved, you can choose the term of your loan, which can range from 61 days to 180 days. You can choose to pay the loan back over a period of time ranging from 61 days to 180 days. In addition to interest, the fees include an upfront processing fee of 5% of the loan amount, handling fees ranging from P0 to P65, and late payment charges and penalty rates.

Maximum loan term

If you are a Filipino citizen, you should know that Digido supports loans for people with stable employment and self-employed individuals. You can apply online for a loan through Digido by submitting the required documents. You must provide a valid work or family contact number. Your bank account number should be in your name. You can also choose to extend or shut down part of your loan, as long as you pay the full amount within the stipulated term.

You should read the terms and conditions before applying. Normally, a maximum loan term of 180 days is available. The maximum APR is 36%. You can choose a period of fifteen days or 180 days. You can borrow up to 20,000 PHP, depending on your eligibility. However, if you need a higher amount, you can choose a loan of 25,000 PHP. Lastly, you can use the loan from your computer or smartphone.

If you are a Filipino citizen, you can apply for a loan from Digido. You must have a valid government ID, a mobile number, and an active social media account. You can also submit a recent payslip, a Certificate of Employment, or an ITR. If you have a business, you need a business permit. Depending on your situation, you can choose between 61 and 180 days to pay back your loan. Interest rate on the loan is between 0.35% and 0.50%. You should also pay an upfront processing fee of 5% of the loan amount and a handling fee of P0 to P65. Late payment fees and penalty rates are applicable if you miss a payment.

There is no minimum amount you can borrow on the loan app. Once you have a good credit score, you can apply for a loan. It will be processed within minutes, and you can repay the money within 60 days. You should also keep your phone volume up. When you have received your loan, the app will ask you to sign documents or sign additional instructions. Always read the loan documents and check everything. The loan documents should contain the terms of the loan, disclosure statement, promissory note, and amortization schedule.


Before you begin, you must know if you qualify for a Digido loan. Applicants should have a steady job or be self-employed in order to qualify. You must provide a valid contact number of both your employer and a loved one to ensure that you are the person you claim to be. The application process requires basic details about your personal information, including your current employment status and monthly income. You must also provide proof of age and credit history.

The application process is straightforward and easy to complete. The Digido loan app is free and available on Google play, but you may prefer to use their website. When you apply for a loan, be sure to include your Digido Lifetime ID, which is the three-letter account number from your contract. Once you have this, you can proceed to fill out the loan application process. You must also provide your contact information so that Digido can identify you.

Using the Digido loan application is fast and easy. It takes a few minutes and automatically processes your transactions, disbursing the loan within 10 minutes. The Digido loan app makes the process convenient for consumers and allows them to borrow up to ten thousand pesos for their first loan. All the information you provide should be accurate and consistent. The app will be sent to your phone when you meet the requirements.

You must have a secure form of identification and Internet banking access in order to qualify for a Digido loan. You can log into your internet banking account and enter the bank account number associated with your name and verify your data in about 10 seconds. The loan will be approved and paid within 10 minutes. Once approved, you can choose the repayment method. With many repayment options available to you, it is easy to make the payments that work for you.

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04.05.24 7:51

Very pleased with the online service. The registration took only a few minutes, and the money arrived in the account very quickly. Interest rates are reasonable.

12.06.23 14:48

I used an online loan service to borrow ₱10,000 for my sister's wedding. The application process was hassle-free, and the funds helped me contribute to the memorable event. Great service!

28.05.23 14:47

Loan online has helped me pay my emergency medical bills and keep my family healthy.

25.08.22 13:44

I use it when I don't have enough money to pay. The service is convenient for obtaining loans online. Fast payment and low interest on the loan. I recommend.

City: Manila

25.08.22 13:43

The money was urgently needed. The application took 15 minutes and here is the money in my account. The conditions are transparent. There are no hidden fees.

City: Caloocan

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